Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hollywood's new blood

While the womenfolk swooned over brooding vampire cutie, Edward Cullen (yes, June, you watched Twilight thrice for Rob!), I was secretly nursing a girl crush on female lead, Kristen Stewart - love her wardrobe, gorgeous hair, intense eyes and spunkiness in the indie teen flick.
Check out excerpts from her cover story post-Twilight in Nylon mag (Mar) here. Video on cover shoot here.
And before Edward Cullen.....Kristen's a blonde! More pictures here.
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June Hoong said...

Oh man, Robert Pattinson! I can never get enugh of him! And for your info, I watched it 4 times! Or was it 5?

Hey of coz I like Kristen as well...She's so sweet!

Ok ok, don't have me get started on Twilight ;p